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How To Make An Artful, Dynamic Backdrop With Kaos Substrate and Projection

See how we made the amazing Kaos projection screen backdrop for Heather Henson’s "Crane: On Earth, In Sky."


In the words of scenic designers Christopher and Justin Swader, the whimsical production, Crane: On Earth, In Sky, “follows the journey of whooping cranes along their migration cycle and celebrates indigenous cultures around the world that share a spiritual connection to these majestic birds.” More...

Scenery Rotator: Part 2 in Our Lightweight DMX Scenery Automation Series

Use the DMX Scenery Rotator virtually anywhere you need simple but precise motorized control of a spinning set piece. Provides simple spinning to sophisticated cues with safe, repeatable and accurate positioning and limit settings. Consider it for moving clock hands, rotating signs, motorized window or door pivots, advanced mirror ball effects, periaktoi, rotating mirror panels or anything else that a designer imagines.

Can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and is operated via a DMX controller.More...